Stonewave Taiko takes to the road in 2022

Stonewave Taiko was fortunate to receive grant funding this year from Create NSW and Resilience NSW to take our big, beautiful drums onto the roads of the Far South Coast, travelling to smaller communities and  putting on a show, holding workshops, and connecting/re-connecting with community members. After the last two years, the residents of the Bega Valley and neighbouring regions need opportunities for positive community expression and Stonewave members have missed the connection to other communities by not being able to perform in local area events.

As part of out Road Trip, our first stop was at Towamba on Saturday 17th September for their community BBQ.  Catch us at the Nethercote 50th birthday market on Saturday 22nd October from 10-11am, at the Wyndham markets on Sunday 27th November and at Candelo markets on Sunday 4th December.  Come and say hello, play some drums with us and feel the power of the drums and the fun of playing taiko together.