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Stonewave Taiko turns 10 in 2024!

Coming soon… Members of Miyake-jima Geino  Doshi Kai visit the Bega Valley in July

Stonewave Taiko is turning 10 in 2024!  And one of the best birthday presents we could ask for is that a Taiko Master visits Bega to run workshops.  Happy birthday to us as we are delighted that Haruyoshi Tsumura of Japanese group, Miyake-jima Geino Doshi Kai will visit the Bega Valley from Wednesday 3-Friday 5 July to run a series of miyake-style workshops.

We will hold at least two workshops with Haru sensei on Wednesday & Thursday and this will culminate in a mini mid-Winter Japanese Festival to be held in the centre of Bega on Friday 5 July.  This will be a celebration of Japanese culture including activities, hands on taiko experiences and a short performance by Stonewave and others. The more the merrier at this Festival!

This visit is an incredible opportunity for Stonewave Taiko and this is the only location Haru sensei is visiting in Australia other than Melbourne!

We would like to invite taiko players from all over Australia to attend the Miyake workshops, the Japanese Festival and join us in celebrating our 10 years.  You may be an experienced miyake player or just starting out – everyone is welcome!  There will be plenty of opportunities to learn more from Haru sensei and from each other during the 3 days.


  • Wed 3 July
    • 4-7pm workshop at Cobargo School of Arts Hall
  • Thurs 4 July
    • 4-7pm workshop at SCAC
  • Fri 5 July
    • 9-12pm Mid-Winter Japanese Festival in Littleton Gardens, Bega


  • Stonewave Members
    • 1 workshop = $60
    • 2 workshops = $100
  • Non- Stonewave Members
    • 1 workshop = $75
    • 2 workshops = $135

How to Book


Accommodation suggestions (for those coming from out of the region):

  • Bega – Bega Downs Motor Inn, Bega Motel, Bega Caravan Park, Bega South Town Motor Inn.  All much the same – small country town accommodation
  • Tathra (if you want to stay near the beach – 19 kms from Bega) – Tathra Hotel, Tathra Beachfront Holiday Park, Tasman Holiday Parks, Kianinny Bush Cottages
  • If you are looking at Airbnb and BnB properties, I wouldn’t go further than 20-25km from Bega

Here’s a bit of information about Haru sensei and the Tsumura clan:

  • Haru sensei is part of a Japanese group called Miyake-jima Geino Doshi-Kai. It consists of Akio Tsumura and his 3 sons, all born on Miyake Island in Japan.  Haruyoshi is the youngest son and along with his father and brothers, has studied and performed taiko from a very young age. He is an integral instructor of miyake classes since 2004.  The style of Miyake taiko was developed by Akio Tsumura from the music of a traditional festival held on Miyake Island since 1820.
  • In 1981, Akio taught miyake to Kodo, Japan’s professional Taiko troupe. Since 2000, Akio and sons have focussed on spreading miyake to people in Japan and around the world through classes and performances.
  • Haru sensei is active as a taiko player and has become an integral instructor of Miyake-jima Geino Doshi Kai classes since 2004. Their focus has been on spreading the musical art form to people in Japan and around the world.
  • Australia Miyake Kai (based in Melbourne – Ayako is part of this group) is bringing Haruyoshi Tsumura to their Miyake Taiko conference in June/July 2024.  After this, he will come to the Bega Valley.

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