Stonewave Taiko receive funding grant from Cobargo Community Bushfire Recovery Fund


Cobargo Community Bushfire Recovery LogoWe’re so very thankful to Mike Nicholas and the team from the Cobargo Community Bushfire Recovery Fund for funding our request of $7,867.00 for our Holding the Rhythm project to build secure storage and establish a suite of 11 taiko (drums) at the Cobargo School of Arts Hall.

In their approval letter, they welcomed our intent to further develop the Taiko presence in Cobargo and our intent to encourage new people to sign up to the existing classes. They also acknowledged the benefits of rhythm for the mental and physical wellbeing of people in bushfire-affected communities, and the inclusivity and non-
competitiveness of Stonewave classes with the drawing together of people with differences in experience and skill.

It’s so rewarding to have the work of our Artistic Director, David Hewitt, and the rest of the existing Stonewave Taiko members efforts recognised in establishing a welcoming, inclusive environment which is not only good for people’s physical health, but that places emphasis on community building and the plain, sheer fun that happens when we all work together creatively for a common purpose.

We look forward to opportunities to participate in future events such as the Cobargo Folk Festival.

Stay tuned for pictures of the storage and drums once they’re in place!